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Thread: NightFall (Reborn for BT) testing

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    Default NightFall (Reborn for BT) testing

    It's been a while now, but dgamexwrapper, which is basically early state reborn patch for MOH BreakThrough has been updated by me and is in the initial beta state.
    I decided naming it NightFall
    Currently, almost all reborn's scripting functions are supported.
    I don't have time to test all the scripting functions, hence this thread.
    It would be awesome if anyone with time would like to test them and report here or on github,
    Generally, the test scripts are as follows
    It would be nice to follow the same structures.
    Feel free to add to them whatever you wish, PRs are welcome!

    No need to test functions that I've already tested.
    All scripting commands :
    Some of my notes about them :
    Use the following BT bins: (moh_Breakthrough_server.exe and dgamex86mohbt.dll)
    And patch bin (attached)
    *Based on davens fixes*
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