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Thread: Big mistake by reborn devs

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    Default Big mistake by reborn devs

    I wanted to connect to a server hosting a custom map (snipervalley) but I wasnt able because I didn't have the map and had to download it manually. This made me realize The devs should have added the most popular custom maps in a pk3 to the MOHAA Reborn client that players download nowadays to play the game. This way servers would've been able to host custom maps with all the playerbase able to connect to them without having to bother with downloading the map manually. This wouldve brought some fresh air to the game.

    Todesengel mentionned pakradar as a solution instead of individual maps , then why wasnt pakradar included already built-into the MOHAA reborn client package?

    What do you think?

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    NVM I think I am confusing between Reborn and Revival. Mistake is by revival (client side) not by reborn (server side)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramachandra View Post
    NVM I think I am confusing between Reborn and Revival. Mistake is by revival (client side) not by reborn (server side)
    Exactly this. But don't worry - we plan to release client-side Reborn too and it already has fixed and working autodownload feature.

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    Yep, I tried to explain this to ramachandra. Trying to put all the maps possible would be a bad idea. Trying to just pick a couple would be a bad idea. A good idea is to fix the issues with mohaa autodownload, or pakradar, or XXXX (where XXXX is the name of the other 'keepalive connection while pulling map from one of several places' utility that I can't remember). A better idea is in the updated reborn client, which has fixed the issue, but simply due to timing isn't ready yet.

    So Ramachandra - the devs already thought of this and addressed it. You just don't see it yet. So as I suggested, go grab pakradar in the mean time.


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