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Thread: Bring this game back to LIFE?

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    Question Bring this game back to LIFE?

    Does anybody have a good idea how to bring this game back to life?

    Maybe like creating a new version or a modified version of it, rather than just making the same old game with only some pugs fixed, i mean like a total conversion version of it with new textures and modified weapons with auto map downloader and a new cool huds like the compass and stuff, and then publish it everywhere in the internet and maybe even on fb groups or something it's just that we really need to do something to this dying game we love, we need fresh player rather than just the same old players who keep decreasing with time.

    I'm just saying maybe.
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    Feel like talking to me? DM me on:
    a) Facebook
    b) Discord tag: Criminal#9220

    Although above thing is clear invitation to conversation, I won't write for you mods outside of x-null, so please, don't PM me if you do so only to request this.

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    Sounds interesting, thanks. Seems like i have been away for long.( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

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