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Thread: Server Problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zappa View Post
    it depends on the mod, some need it, some don't

    to make it simple:
    if the mod is executed from DMprecache before "level waitill spawn", don't need to remove it
    if the mod is executed from DMprecache after "level waitill spawn", remove it
    Ok zappa
    And thank you for your time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Fox View Post
    Hello Fans
    I need small Help please in my mod server and about 3 years cant solve it
    My server running well but every 2 or 3 days suddenly stop i dont know why
    and i have already auto restart to start the server again but now i want to know why the server shutdown alone ?
    even in my qconsole its didnt type the reason to know what the problem and why its shutdown
    Your server is a countdown server right? YES!

    I'm running a 3D-Server we play all kind of game types and countdown is one of them, and i had the same problem i can assure you the problem is most likely in you countdown mod, lets just say it's not really a (Fully working no errors) mod well it is for some servers did find a way to fix it, but nobody wanna share it I can give you some tips about this problem and you work in how to fix them, first in the [changemap] thread, you have two thread with that name in your setup script you are using the first one and the second one is deactivated, you could use the second one it works better (but it will need some changes), and i will be honest with you it won't be a fully working still, but your server will last longer before it shutdown, so here is the tip to solve it completely you need to remove this thread [changemap] completely and remove the gametype changer in your camera script, and make another way for the map to change using only the fraglimit or the timelimit without changing the gametype or restarting the map.

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    thankx rem and dont tell anybody :xD

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    I can see you did it that's great, anyway not everyone can fix it just knowing that, and BTW there are other ways to fix it the problem is that the game keeps saving names and game every map without deleting and it keep in doing so, i think you can fix it if just find a way to make the game stop saving after the map is over, maybe.

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