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Thread: Rain/Snow

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    I'm sure we can do better .

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    I don't know about that seems like I broke it
    It falls all over the map now like it should except over one building in my map where it falls heavily.


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    Density might still be too high. Try level.rain_density = ".3" with level.rain_min_dist = "1000"

    And to answer The Shadow's question about snow falling through buildings, the slant property will actually make the snow leave its func_rain brush. So they need to be moved further away from buildings until you get the right results.
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    Messed with them two settings and it does change things but still remains heavy over the one building and now its snowing in side again
    Its odd because didn't mess with the slant or anything other than them two settings you were talking about.

    Edit: I'll see if I can get The Shadow to recompile the map and do the scr/pk3 to see if its not something wrong on my end.
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    I can always take a look at it if you want . Just let me know if it's still a problem after The Shadow recompiles.

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    I would appreciate it, I think the shadow broke the pk3 little more since he got hold of it. Used to have a radio sound on there now its gone too. lol
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