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    Hello fans
    How can i make the compass go direct to the redio or the light in my cd server?

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    Hoi fox,

    I don't understand exactly what you want to do, but on your place I would try to create objective and set it to last through whole map time on your place.

    //Firstly add objective to list:
    waitthread global/objectives.scr::add_objectives <idx> <attr> <text> <loc>

    idx - index of objective, must be greater than zero, specifies order in which objectives are displayed.
    attr - attribute determines way in which objectives are displayed.
    > 1 - objective is displayed in objective list.
    > 2 - objective is displayed in objective list and unchecked(not completed).
    > 3 - objective is displayed in objective list and unchecked(completed).

    text - String displayed for objective.
    loc - location - when objective become current location is used to show with compass HUD where it is.

    //Then just set objective with this boi, in index put number from previous step or number of objective which you want to be set as current:
    waitthread global/objectives.scr::current_objectives <idx>
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