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I just wanted to express some contradictory facts i can observe in the worlwide financial company im working in as web dev.
_ developpers are called the slaves and are located at the lowest hierachy level, including salary, though they all now come from ingeeneer schools.
_ we develop only server deployed applications that anyone in the company can connect to as soon as the right authorizations have been given
_ any project has a performance team to alert when response time is too much important, not talking about databases connections and queries performances that must be validated with the DB ingeneers
_ our apps can run on medium computers and are compiled at least every day during dev phases with and deliveries get ranked depending on a catalog of good practices regarding the code
_ JS is hughly used client side to avoid server access for "surface controls" and is not considered as a dev language but a dev help tool
So our main problem is not developping but network speed and server performances, once certificates, security protocols and proxy rules are applied correctly. Only aspects that could/will turn our apps bloated is the multiplicity of logical stripes managing tons of specialized webservices.
Not sure this post is useful for the thread but i only wanted to say bloated sofwares are not the norm in business computing.
Since you say that the main problem is speed, did you look into other programming languages? I saw comparisons that for exmaple GoLang is able to handle more HTTP requests than Java. Or do you look into optimizing the code or server itself to gain aditional speed? I might switch my job to a web dev soon but im looking at the requirements, i would prefer a job where they use NodeJS/GoLang over the typical PHP/Java.