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    Default CVAR Documentation

    Cvar Documentation


    S | ServerInfo Cvar

    U | UserInfo Cvar

    R | Read Only

    I | Initializing Cvar

    A | Archived Cvar

    L | Latched Cvar

    C| Cheat protected Cvar

    Client Game

    A cg_3rd_person - determines whether player is 1st person or 3rd person view

    C cg_animspeed - debugging tool that lets use freeze all animations (default 1).

    A cg_autoswitch - vestigle Q3 variable

    A cg_cameradist - distance from the player to the 3rd person camera (default 150)

    A cg_cameraheight - height above player that 3rd person should pivot from (default 30)

    A cg_camerascale - lerping scale to smooth out 3rd person camera movement (defualt 0.2)

    A cg_cameraverticaldisplacement - vertical displacement from end point to 3rd person camera (defaule 24)

    C cg_debuganim - debug tool for animation. A value of 1 prints to the console, A value of 2 prints to the debug window.

    C cg_debuganimwatch - when using "cg_debuganim", which entity to watch for based off of entitynum

    cg_errordecay - player prediction adjustment that helps smooth out prediction errors (default 100)

    cg_eventlimit - maximum number of events to process per loop in the client game (default 500)

    cg_eventstats - statistical information on events in the client game

    cg_hidetempmodels - debugging tool to temporarily hide temp models.

    A cg_marks - whether polygonal marks should be added to the renderer.

    cg_nopredict - debugging tool to turn off client side predicition

    cg_norain - debugging tool to turn off rain

    U A cg_predictItems - vestigle Q3 variable

    cg_shadows - whether to draw shadows on certain entities. 1 is an ellipticle projected texture, 2 is a stencil buffer shadow and 3 is a

    fully rendered projected shadow

    cg_showemitters - debugging tool to show when emitters are active

    cg_showevents - debug tool to print out current client game events being processed

    cg_showmiss - debug tool to show prediction misses on client

    cg_showtempmodels - debug tool that prints out number of tempmodels currently being added to the renderer

    cg_stats - debug tool that prints out the current frame being rendered by the client

    A cg_stereosep - stereo separation for stereo view (default 0.4)

    cg_timeevents - debug tool that times the amount of time used by each event. If set to 2, output is re-directed to the console


    ai_createnodes - when set to 1, path nodes will be generated when loading a map.

    ai_debuginfo - debug tool for path generation.

    ai_debugpath - debug tool for path searching.

    ai_shownodenums - debug tool which shows node numbers above path numbers

    ai_showroutes - debug tool that shows you current routes available

    ai_showroutes_distance - at what distance routes should be culled so that the renderer is not bogged down (default 1000)

    ai_timepaths - debug tool to show how long routing is taking. The value of this variable determines the minimum time cutoff to print out

    a path.


    activeAction - This will be executed upon receiving the first snapshot

    cl_avidemo - causes a screenshot to be spit out each client frame and sets client frametime to the variable of the value. ie a value of 20 is

    20 shots per second.

    A cl_cdkey - the CD authorization key needed to run the game

    cl_eventlimit - maximum number of events to process per loop in the client (default 500)

    cl_eventstats - statistical information on events in the client

    cl_freezeDemo - used to freeze a demo in place for single frame advances

    A cl_maxPing - maximum time to wait for a ping response (default 800)

    A cl_maxpackets - maximum number of client command packets to send per second (default 30)

    cl_motd - whether or not to query the MOTD server for the MOTD (default 1)

    cl_nodelta - when sending client movement commands, only send complete messages, do not send delta movement commands (default 0)

    A cl_packetdup - send this many previous client movement commands when sending a new one, this helps eliminate dropped packets (default 1)

    R cl_running - whether or not the client is currently running, gets set to 1 once the client has been initialized

    cl_showSend - debug tool that prints out information as to what is currently being sent by the client to the server

    cl_showTimeDelta - debug tool that shows the value used on the client to adjust client time so that it matches server time

    cl_showevents - debug tool to print out current client events being processed

    cl_timeNudge - allows you to manually adjust the TimeDelta between the client and server, pushing the client ahead or behind the server time.

    cl_timeevents - debug tool that times the amount of time used by each event. If set to 2, output is re-directed to the console

    cl_timeout - how long it takes for a server connection to time out in seconds (default 125)

    R cl_updateInfoString - holds the actual MOTD

    A model - what model the player should be using

    U A name - what the player should be called

    Game Module

    csys_draw - debugging tool that allows you to draw a coordinate system

    csys_posx - origin x of the debugging csystem.

    csys_posy - origin y of the debugging csystem.

    csys_posz - origin z of the debugging csystem.

    csys_x - angles x of the debugging csystem.

    csys_y - angles y of the debugging csystem.

    csys_z - angles z of the debugging csystem.

    S dmflags - deathmatch flags for the current deathmatch server

    S fraglimit - what the fraglimit of the current deathmatch server is

    g_drawgravpath - debugging tool to show the gravity path nodes in action

    g_eventlimit - maximum number of events to process per loop in the client (default 5000)

    g_eventstats - statistical information on events in the client

    S L g_gametype - what kind of game is currently being run on the server (default 0)

    g_legclampangle - maximum angle at which legs are allowed to trail torso (default 65)

    g_legclamptolerance - tolerance scale for legs turning (default 90)

    g_legswingspeed - speed at which legs swing (default 300)

    g_legtolerance - tolerance in angles when legs turn (default 40)

    L g_numdebuglines - number of debug lines to be used for debugging purposes (default 4096)

    g_playermodel - the default player model to be used by the player (default julie)

    g_showautoaim - debug tool to show where the auto-aiming arms are pointing

    g_showaxis - debug tool to globally turn on or off axises when drawing debug coordinate systems

    g_showbullettrace - show the traces caused by bullets firing

    g_showevents - debug tool to print out current game events being processed

    g_showmem - show the amount of memory currently being used by the game's classes

    g_showplayeranim - debug tool that shows leg and torso anim changes

    g_showplayerstate - debug tool that shows leg and torso state changes

    g_statefile - state file that is used by the player (default global/julie)

    g_syncronousClients - only run the player movment code on the server when the game code thinks, do not perform any prediction

    g_timeents - debug tool that times how long it takes for each entity to "think", value sets the filter above which entities are printed

    g_timeevents - debug tool to pring out how long each event takes to process

    g_watch - when timing events, the entity to watch and print information out for.

    L maxentities - the maximum number of entities on a level (default 1024)

    S nomonsters - do not spawn any monsters when this is set

    S L skill - the skill level of the game (default 1, normal)

    S timelimit - the timelimit of a deathmatch game

    whereami - debugging tool that prints out the coordinates and yaw of the player whenever the player moves


    C cm_noAreas - do not use areaportals, all areas are connected

    C cm_noCurves - do not collide against curves

    A C cm_playerCurveClip - collide player against curves

    S L deathmatch - whether the game is deathmatch or single player

    nextmap - the next map to run after this one, allows you to chain multiple maps together through the use of the ';'

    SU A parentmode - what level of violence the game should be using (default 0, excessive)

    sv_allowdownload - whether the server will allow data to be downloaded from it (default 1)

    sv_drawtrace - draw out all traces as debug lines

    S A sv_floodProtect - should the server protect itself from msg flooding (default 1)

    A sv_footsteps - should the server play footsteps on characters (default 1)

    S sv_fps - the simulation speed at which the server and game code is run (default 20)

    S sv_friction - global friction value for the world (default 4)

    sv_gibs - should we spawn giblets and other viscera

    sv_gore - should we spawn gory items in the game

    sv_gravity - global gravity level for the world (default 800)

    S A sv_hostname - the name of the server

    S sv_keywords - keywords that allow you to cull out potential clients if they are ineligible to connect (example 'demo')

    sv_killserver - debug tool to kill the server"0"

    R sv_mapChecksum - the 32-bit CRC checksum of the currently loaded map

    A sv_maplist - a list of maps to cycle through on the server

    sv_master1 - master server #1's address

    A sv_master2 - master server #2's address

    A sv_master3 - master server #3's address

    A sv_master4 - master server #4's address

    A sv_master5 - master server #5's address

    S A sv_maxRate - maximum rate at which data is sent to the client

    S L sv_maxclients - number of clients which can join a game

    sv_maxvelocity - global maximum velocity clamp

    sv_padPackets - pad outgoing packets with this many bytes

    R sv_paks - if running in sv_pure mode, contains the checksums of all the paks being used

    sv_precache - whether or not the server should precache data

    S sv_privateClients - number of reserved client slots to reserve on the client

    sv_privatePassword - password to allow one to play as a private client

    sv_pure - if true, the game does not allow any add-ons or modifications

    sv_reconnectlimit - how many times a client is allowed to re-connect before being disconnected (default 3)

    sv_rollangle - the amount of roll to be given to the player when he is banking in a turn (default 2)

    sv_rollspeed - the speed at which sv_rollangle is reset (default 200)

    R sv_running - this gets set when the server is initialized and running

    R sv_serverid - a unique id that is generated from the current game time when the server was started

    sv_showbboxes - show bounding boxes on all entities. 1 shows all solid entities with their standard mins and maxs, 2 shows all solid

    entities with their absmins and absmaxs, 3 shows all entities that are solid and non solid but are not tagged as RF_DONTDRAW,

    4 shows all entities, 5 shows all entities with their current frame bounding boxes

    sv_showcameras – displays the cameras and their spline paths

    sv_showentnums - shows the entity numbers above each entity

    S sv_stopspeed - how fast physical objects in the world should slow down (default 100)

    sv_timeout - how long to wait in seconds before dropping a player who hasn't sent any commands (default 120)

    sv_traceinfo - print out how many traces were performed each server frame. If greater than 1, than specific information about each trace is

    also printed. If greater than 2, than all printing is done to the debugger window.

    S sv_waterfriction - the fricition when inside a water volume (default 1)

    S sv_waterspeed - the speed at which you can move through water (default 400)

    sv_zombietime - how long to keep a client connected to the server after they have been dropped (default 2)


    s_debugmusic - debug tool that prints out the current action level in the game, helps determine when music changes based on context

    s_initsound - whether or not to startup the sound system (default 1)

    A s_khz - the default mixing rate in Khz (default 22)

    A s_loadas8bit - purposely down sample all samples to 8-bit (default 0)

    A s_milesdriver - which sound driver to use for the audio system. Valid sound drivers are: miles, dolby, A3D, A3D2, EAX and EAX2

    A s_mixPreStep - this is a pre-mix step for global sound time, not sure what it actually accomplishes (default 0.05 seconds)

    A s_mixahead - how far ahead into the future the sound system should mix (default 0.2 seconds)

    A s_musicvolume - the volume of the music (default 0.55)

    A s_reverb - whether or not reverb should be on (default on)

    A s_separation - how much stereo separation should exist (default 0.5)

    C s_show - debugging info for the sound system

    s_show_cpu - show CPU utilization by the sound system

    s_show_num_active_sounds - debugging tool to show how many sounds are currently active

    s_show_sounds - debugging tool that shows current sound related happenings

    A s_speaker_type - what kind of speaker setup the user is using. (0 - 2 speaker setup, 1 - headphones, 2 - surround sound, 3 - 4 speaker setup)

    C s_testsound - debugging tool that plays a simple sine wave tone

    A s_usemiles - whether or not to use the miles sound system

    A s_volume - the sound volume "1"


    cg_lagometer - network debugging tool that graphically shows your current latency

    cl_shownet - massive debug tool that shows you the current incoming traffic on the client. 1 shows the size of each server message, 2 shows

    you the beginning of each server message and the size of each packet componenet. 3 shows you detailed information about entity

    network deltas.

    filterban - whether or not to turn on ip banning, if set to 1 than anyone on the current list will be banned, if set to 0 than only addresses

    on the list will be allowed (default 1)

    flood_msgs - not implmented currently (default 4)

    flood_persecond - not implmented currently (default 4)

    flood_waitdelay - not implmented currently (default 10)

    I net_ip - what IP address to use for this server in case you have multiple servers on the same machine (default localhost)

    AL net_noipx - do not use the IPX protocol

    AL net_noudp - do not use the UDP protocol

    I net_port - the network port to use.

    I net_qport - quake network port to be used internally by the network system

    AL net_socksEnabled - enable SOCKS server support (default 0)

    AL net_socksPassword - SOCKS server password (default "")

    AL net_socksPort - SOCKS server port (default 1080)

    AL net_socksServer - SOCKS server address (default "")

    AL net_socksUsername - SOCKS server userid (default "")

    S R protocol - which network protocol is currently being used by the client, set by the system

    public - whether or not this server is public and should send heart beats to the master server (default 0)

    U A rate - the maximum number of bytes to be sent to the client per second (default 3000)

    rconAddress - the address of the server you want to send rcon messages to.

    rconPassword - the password that is sent for rcon commands

    showdrop - debug tool to show dropped packets (default 0)

    showpackets - show packets as they are sent to and from the client and server

    U A snaps - number of snapshots the client wants to receive per second (default 20)


    AL r_allowExtensions - enables OPENGL extensions (default 1)

    L r_allowSoftwareGL - allow software OPENGL, normally this would be really slow (default 0)

    C r_ambientScale - a global scale factor for all ambient lighting on models and characters (default 0.5)

    C r_clear - whether or not to explicitly clear the screen (default 0)

    L r_colorMipLevels - debug tool to artificially color different mipmap levels so that they are more apparent (defaul 0)

    AL r_colorbits - what color depth the renderer should use, if 0 then the desktop depth will be used by default (default 0)

    AL r_customaspect - custom aspect ratio to use when in r_mode -1 (default aspect ration 1)

    AL r_customheight - custom screen height to use when in r_mode -1 (default 1024)

    AL r_customwidth - custom screen width to use when in r_mode -1 (default 1600)

    C r_debugSort - debug tool that only renderes those sort layers that are greater than the value of the variable (default 0)

    C r_debugSurface - debug tool which renders a custom surface for patch collision debugging

    r_debuglight - debug tool that prints out entity lighting information

    A r_debuglines_depthmask - when rendering debug lines whether or not to render them with Z information (default 0)

    AL r_depthbits - how much precision there should be in the Z-buffer, if left at 0, z precision is automatically calculated (default 0)

    AL r_detailtextures - whether or not to render detail shader stages (default 1)

    C r_directedScale - a global scale factor for all direct lighting on models and characters (default 1)

    L r_displayRefresh - if non-zero, what the display refresh rate should be set at (default 0)

    A r_dlightBacks - whether or not dynamic lights should light up back-face culled geometry (default 1)

    r_drawBuffer - which buffer to render to, (default GL_BACK)

    A r_drawSun - whether or not to draw the sun in the sky (default 0)

    C r_drawentities - debug tool that allows you to turn off entities (default 1)

    C r_drawsprites - debug tool that allows you to turn off sprites (default 1)

    C r_drawworld - debug tool that allows you to turn off world rendering (default 1)

    A r_dynamiclight - whether or not to render dynamic lights (default 1)

    AL r_ext_compiled_vertex_array - whether or not to use the Compiled Vertex Arrray GL extension (default 1)

    AL r_ext_compress_textures - whether or not to use the S3 texture compression extension (default 1)

    AL r_ext_gamma_control - whether or not to use the GAMMA extension (default 1)

    AL r_ext_multitexture - whether or not to use the ARB multi-texture extention (default 1)

    AL r_ext_texture_env_add - whether or not to use the GL_TEXTURE_ENV_ADD extenstion (default 1)

    A r_ext_texture_env_combine - whether or not to use the GL_TEXTURE_ENV_COMBINE extenstion (default 0)

    A r_facePlaneCull - whether or not to perform back face culling on simple surfaces (default 1)

    r_farplane - debug tool to turn on the far clipping plane, the variable defines the distance of the plane (default 0)

    r_farplane_color - debug tool to set the color of the far clipping plane, (default medium gray ".5 .5 .5")

    r_farplane_nocull - debug tool to set whether or not to purposely not cull geometry with the far plane (default 0)

    A r_fastdlights - if renderer is compiled with REAL_DYNAMIC_LIGHTING, determines whether or not use real method or fast method (default 0)

    A r_fastsky - don't render the sky, just clear it with the current sky color (default 0)

    A r_finish - force a glFinish call after rendering a scene (default 0)

    C r_flareFade - how long light coronas should fade when on the screen or off the screen (default 7)

    C r_flareSize - the size of the light coronas (default 40)

    A r_flares - whether or not to render the light coronas (default 0)

    LC r_fullbright - debug tool to render the entire level without lighting (default 0)

    AL r_fullscreen - whether or not to go into fullscreen mode or not (default 1)

    A r_gamma - the current renderer gamma (default 1)

    AL r_glDriver - the video driver to use (default opengl32)

    C r_ignore - debug cvar that is used in various places throughout the code to zero out variables (default 1)

    AL r_ignoreFastPath - do not use fast shader rendering path of either diffuse lighting or multi-texture lighting (default 1)

    A r_ignoreGLErrors - ignore GL errors as they occur (default 1)

    AL r_ignorehwgamma - ignore hardware gamma and use the texture method of gamma adjustment (default 0)

    L r_intensity - global texture lighting scale (default 1)

    A r_lastValidRenderer - last valid renderer to function. Used as a debugging tool.

    r_lerpmodels - whether or not to interpolate character models (default 1)

    r_light_emphasize - global amount that is added to sphere-based character lighting (default 0)

    r_light_emphasizePercent - the additional percentage amount of emphasis to be givent to sphere-based character lighting (default 0)

    A r_light_int_scale - debugging tool that shows intensity of lights in the scene by length of the line drawn (default 0.05)

    A r_light_lines - debugging tool that shows which lights affect which characters (default 0)

    A r_light_nolight - debugging tool to turn off all lighting calculations and just use an ambient lighting value for all characters (default 0)

    A r_light_sun_line - debugging tool that shows which characters are affected by the sun. (default 0)

    A r_lightcoronasize - the size of the corona to be used when renderering lens flares (default 0.1)

    r_lightmap - debugging tool that renders lightmaps in GL_REPLACE mode so that they can be seen without their base textures (default 0)

    C r_lockpvs - lock the current PVS in, so that you can wander around and see what is visibile and what isn't (default 0)

    A r_lodCurveError - maximum curve error, before subdividing (default 250)

    A r_lodbias - an absolute offset to artificially make characters further away so that they are rendered with fewer polygons (default 0)

    C r_lodscale - a lod scale that artificially distorts the rate at which polygons drop away from characters (default 5)

    C r_logFile - when true, dumps out all render commands to a file called gl.log (default 0)

    L r_mapOverBrightBits - the number of overbright bits baked into all lightmaps and map data (default 2)

    L r_maskMinidriver - if set to 1, then a mini driver will be treated as a normal ICD (default 0)

    C r_measureOverdraw - when set to 1, and if the hardware supports a stencil buffer, overdraw will be reported (default 0)

    AL r_mode - what video mode the renderer should be in (default 3)

    C r_nobind - debugging tool to turn off all texture binding (default 0)

    C r_nocull - debugging tool to turn off all culling (default 0)

    C r_nocurves - debugging tool to turn off all curves (default 0)

    C r_noportals - deubbing tool to turn off all portals (defualt 0)

    C r_norefresh - turn off all rendering (default 0)

    C r_novis - debugging tool to turn off vis information (default 0)

    C r_offsetfactor - polygon offset factor for shader stages that have polygon offset set (default -1)

    C r_offsetunits - polygon offset units for shader stages that have polygong offset set (default -2)

    AL r_overBrightBits - how many overBrightBits to actually use when rendering, if non-zero, world will look saturated when bright. (default 0)

    AL r_picmip - what starting level mipmap level all images should start on. Global variable that can dramatically decrease texture size

    (default 0)

    A r_place_sunflare - debugging tool that allows you to interactively place the sun flare (defualt 0)

    C r_portalOnly - debugging tool that only draw what is rendered by the portal, not the regular scene. (default 0)

    A r_primitives - which drawing primitives to use when rendering. 0 - auto select, 1 - single glDrawElements, 2 - multiple glDrawElements,

    3 - multiple color+texcoords+vertex (default 0)

    r_printShaders - debugging tool that prints out all the shaders that are actually used when loading a level. It is used to generate a

    pak file (default 0)

    A r_railCoreWidth - Q3 vestigle "16"

    A r_railSegmentLength - Q3 vestigle "64"

    A r_railWidth - Q3 vestigle "128"

    AL r_roundImagesDown - when images are scaled, round images down instead of up (default 1)

    r_showImages - renders all images currently loaded. If set to 2, will render them proportionately (default 0)

    C r_showSmp - will show SMP activity while rendering (default 0)

    C r_showcluster - debugging tool that prints out current area and cluster (default 0)

    r_showlod - debugging tool that prints out statistics on the LODing of characters (default 0)

    C r_shownormals - debugging tool that shows the normals of all triangles being renderered (default 0)

    C r_showskel - debugging tool that shows the skeleton and not the surfaces of all skeletal characters (default 0)

    C r_showsky - debugging tool that renders the sky in front of everything else so you can see how much of the sky is being rendered (defualt 0)

    C r_showtris - debugging tool that shows the outlines of all the triangles being rendered (default 0)

    AL r_simpleMipMaps - whether or not to use the simple mip map generation tool or a more correct one (default 1)

    LC r_singleShader - debugging tool that only uses the default shader for all rendering (default 0)

    C r_skipBackEnd - debugging tool that skips the rendering of the back end (default 0)

    r_skyportal - debugging tool that turns on a sky portal (default 0)

    r_skyportal_origin - debugging tool that sets the origin for the sky portal (default "0 0 0")

    AL r_smp - whether or not to turn on SMP support for the renderer (default 0)

    C r_speeds - debugging tool that prints out information about the renderer. 1 - prints out shaders/surfs, leafs, verts, tris, mtex and dc

    2 - prints out culling statiistics, 3 - prints our viewcluster, 4 - prints our dynamic lighting information, 5 - prints out Z

    info, 6 - prints out flare info

    AL r_stencilbits - how many bits to use for the stencil buffer (default 8)

    AL r_stereo - whether or not stereo rendering is enabled (default 0)

    A r_stipplelines - enable stipple line support for debug lines (default 0)

    AL r_subdivisions - scale factor for curve subdivision, used to pre-tesselate curved surfaces more or less (default 4)

    r_sunflare - debugging tool which contains the location of the sun (default 0)

    r_sunflare_inportalsky - debugging tool for placing the sunflare, set this to one when the sun is in a portal sky (default 0)

    A r_swapInterval - set the OPENGL swap interval (default 0)

    A r_textureMode - the texture mode for all textures (default "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST")

    AL r_texturebits - the number of bits to use for textures (default 16)

    A r_useglfog - whether or not to use standard OPENGL for characters (default 1)

    C r_verbose - turns on additional startup information when renderer is starting up (default 0)

    AL r_vertexLight - turn on vertex lighting on all world surfaces. Disables multi-texture (default 0)

    C r_znear - near Z clipping plane (default 4)

    Input System

    cl_anglespeedkey - when turning with the keyboard, how fast to turn (default 1.5)

    cl_debugMove - debug tool that prints out information about the current input. If set to 1, a graph of yaw will be displayed, if set to 2,

    a graph of pitch will be displayed

    A cl_mouseAccel - mouse acceleration factor (default 0)

    A cl_pitchspeed - scale factor for how fast view pitch will be adjusted (default 140)

    A cl_run - turns on auto-run for the client (default 1)

    cl_showmouserate - debug tool that shows the speed of the mouse

    A cl_yawspeed - scale factor for how fast view yaw will be adjusted (default 140)

    A freelook - whether or not the mouse affects the view directly or is used for driving the player around (default 1)

    in_debugjoystick - debugging tool for the joystick (default 0)

    A in_joyBallScale - if the joystick has a trackball like interface, this is used to scale that input for view (default 0.02)

    AL in_joystick - whether or not joystick is on (default 0)

    A in_midi - turn on midi support (default 0)

    A in_midichannel - when midi support is on, what channel to use (default 1)

    A in_mididevice - when midi support is on, what midi device to use (default 0)

    AL in_mouse - whether or not mouse support is on, if set to -1 DirectInput will not be queried (default 1)

    A joy_threshold - the threshold of movement when movement on the joystick registers, allows you to define the deadzone of the stick

    (default 0.15)

    A m_filter - whether or not to turn on mouse filtering by averaging the last and current input (default 0)

    A m_forward - mouse scale for applying y-axis mouse motion to character forward movement (default 1)

    A m_pitch - mouse scale for applying y-axis mouse motion to view pitch (default 0.022)

    A m_side - mouse scale for applying x-axis mouse motion for character side movement (default 0.8)

    A m_up - mouse scale for applying y-axis mouse motion to character vertical movement (default 0)

    A m_yaw - mouse scale for applying x-axis mouse motion to view yaw (default 0.022)

    A sensitivity - mouse sensitivity (default 5)

    User Interface

    crosshair - whether or not the crosshair is on (default 1)

    ui_backgroundMouse - places the light source for the sleepy hollow effect behind the logo instead of in front of it.

    A ui_consoleposition - the current x,y position of the console along with its width and height

    ui_drawcoords - debugging tool to print out the currenty coordinates of the mouse cursor (default 0)

    ui_hud - whether or not the HUD is drawn (default 1)

    ui_minicon - whether or not the mini console is drawn (default 1)

    File System

    I fs_basepath - the basepath of the game

    I fs_cdpath - the CD basepath of the game

    I fs_copyfiles - whether or not to copy files when loading them into the game. Every file found in the cdpath will be copied over

    to the basepath

    fs_debug - debugging tool for the filesystem

    fs_filedir - the current directory for the CD and DIR commands

    S I fs_game - specify an alternate Game directory for add-ons

    I fs_restrict - allows you to restrict access to modified data for add-on purposes

    mapdir - when using the MAP command, automatically prepends the value of this variable to the map name

    General / Common

    cgamedll - the CGAMEDLL to use for the game

    S R L cheats - whether or not cheats are enabled

    A com_blood - whether or not blood is on for the game

    com_buildScript - for automatic script/pak building, not currently functional

    C com_dropsim - debugging tool to simulate dropped packets, specifies percentage of packets to drop (default 0)

    AL com_hunkMegs - number of megs to allocate for the hunk (default 12)

    A com_introplayed - whether or not the intro for the game has been played (default 0)

    A com_maxfps - the maximum frames per second allowable (default 1000)

    C com_showtrace - debugging tool that prints out trace information (default 0

    com_speeds - debugging tool that shows the time spent in various modules of the game. If set to 3, SV_PacketEvents will also be timed"0"

    config - the config file to use for the game

    I L dedicated - whether or not the server is dedicated

    A developer - whether or not development mode is on

    C fixedtime - when non-zero, locks the msecs per frame (default 0)

    A fps - debugging tool that prints out the FPS statistics at the bottom left of the screen. If set to one, a warning sound will be played

    when the framerate drops below 18 FPS.

    gamedll - the GAMEDLL currently being used by the game

    I journal - if 1 than all events will be journaled to journal.dat and journaldata.dat. If set to 2, than all journal events will be

    played back

    logfile - whether or not to turn on console logging. All console output is dumped qconsole.log

    S R mapname - the current name of the loaded map

    U password - password needed to connect to this server

    R paused - whether or not the game is currently paused

    C timedemo - run a demo at full speed for performance testing

    C timescale - global timescale that allows you to slow down or speed up the game

    username - current user logged onto this machine

    S R version - the version of the current build

    C viewlog - whether or not the console at the beginning of the game should be: 0 - hidden, 1 - window sized with scroll, or 2 - minimized


    arch - the current architecture being used by this machine

    sys_cpuid - the cpuid of the current processor

    sys_cpustring - the type of CPU currently being used

    Windows Specific

    R win_hinstance - the HINSTANCE of the current application

    R win_wndproc - the WNDPROC of the current application

    Video System

    C debuggraph - whether or not to render the debuggraph

    C graphheight - the height of a degbuggraph or timegraph (default 32)

    C graphscale - the scale of a debuggraph or timegraph (default 1)

    C graphshift - the offset of a debuggraph or timegraph (default 0)

    C timegraph - debug tool that prints out the current timing of the game (default 0)

    A vid_xpos - the X position of the screen (default 0)

    A vid_ypos - the Y position of the screen (default 0)

    A viewsize - percentage factor of how fullscreen the view you should be (default 100)

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    Well there were tons of undocumented cvars in cvarlist conmand. Hope i get to list them soon.

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