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Thread: Schripting Advice (Tutorial)

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    I think this is pretty much the final version.
    I have shortened it here and there, added some more topics and examples and removed all the code in the images and put it into tables so it is very printer friendly.

    Thanks to everyone who helped, you all are in there

    I am thinking of uploading this to gamefront and moddb, are there other sites where this would fit ?
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    I have add your tutorial to the AAAA Database.

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    I disagree with the use of brackets at the start of the thread. You are just adding unnesesary noise to the code. and looks like a sad face (:{)
    Instead of that i would reinforce the use of a proper indentation.

    about "DO NOT USE GOTO". I also disagree. In specific situations (not as replacement of a while loop) "goto" can come very handy to your script. You just have to know how, and where to use it.

    and the Warmup Time (g_doWarmup, g_warmup) is broken in mohaa, you should remove that.

    Besides that, very nice guide.

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