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Thread: MOHA Radiant alternative ?

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    Default MOHA Radiant alternative ?

    Is there a alternative to view mohaa maps ?
    I just want to look at them to get a visual overview of the entities, I don't need to compile maps.
    I used the Radiant of mohaa once and it really is not my cup of tea at all!
    I prefer something like GTK, I am used to Überradiant.

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    Yes, it would be really cool to have alternative, but also working with editing maps one. I have Singleplayer and Multiplayer .maps files for AA, SH and BT and if I want to edit them and prepare to throw on forum, MOHRadiant crashes and lags because of amount of brushes, shaders, entities, etc. It happens only in singlepayer maps, because they are slightly bigger and more complex.
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    How much ram do you have ?
    Can you check how much ram the editor is using at that time ?
    The Überradiant had a issue with ram management, once I've upgraded it (the ram) worked without crashing for most of the time.
    A tool to recover freed ram might also help, if it is a programming issue with the radiant and it tries to access bad memory

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    It's 2k18 mate, I have 8 GB DDR4 like half of EU, with m1l1 map loaded radiant takes 80.0 MB of Ram.

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    Well, then a memory management tool could maybe help and perhaps the radiant does also post error messages that would indicate the source of the crash

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    I never have a problem looking at the decompiled SP maps.. :/

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    What is Mapmate ?

    I don't have a problem to look at the maps, it is just the handling how to move the camera is for the lack of a better description utterly fuckwards in the mohaa radiant.

    I figured out it works mostly in Überradiant, so I will try to get the textures there, import the textures and tikis as well as class info and view the maps with Überradiant

    None the less if you have any good suggestions let me know.

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    I prefer MoHRadiant camera movements more than the other Radiants I've used. You have Camera Movement Type set to 2 I assume?

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    I have not made any changes to the initial settings, except base paths (obviously).
    I don't have it installed now, I think, I would have to check, I did dislike it this much that I did not touch it since.
    But in order to understand the mapflow for coop I need to view the maps in the Radiant, I would rather avoid that,
    but that would be like trying to cross a wide river without using a bridge...

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