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    Default MP maps update

    I will be working now on "patch" which eliminates roofing in multiplayer maps and elevates skyboxes higher, because we love when skybox eats grenades when it's throwed too high from mosque or third floor on stalingrad. I didn't saw anything like that in MOHAA yet, If something like that exist already make me know, but I only saw weird things like putting b. wires on roofs, where my "patch" is planned to block player from roofing and be invisible what equals in not destroying scenery.

    I want to firstly do it for dm and obj maps, then I will propably touch maps from SP to MP conversion by Cobra{sfx}. If anyone have any suggestions what it should add too, or what would be + for community, write it down here, only remember that this project aims for not changing original scenery of maps. Of course, if somewhere is brush which original devs leaved too short it will be rapaired, like on stalingrad here (big stairway):

    So project is licked and clinched, don't touch it or ya will go to deathcamp. :P
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    I didn't know the Mohaa map source files are relased for all these mp maps.

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    Yep, I believe they were provided back in 2006. I never knew at the time unfortunately.

    I wished they released all the SP maps too .

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    yeh, 7 dm maps and 4 obj maps.
    with 1 mission map and 1 spearhed dm map too

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    I mean, I would like more to hear if idea about updating them is useful in any way for community. XD
    After updating I can eventually create next thread and put all .map files for all mp maps, and sp maybe too.

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    1 mission map? You mean m4l0 that came with Radiant? Shame that one was made largely by intern Adam Crist. Though fun fact: he was design lead on Doom (2016).

    They also released a SP map with Spearhead SDK.

    Sorry, DerFuhrer, I don't play MP so you'll have to get advice from others :P.
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    In generall it is a good idea to fix these bugs, but the question is how many are still playing.
    Also you might have compile errors related to vis if you change that, but that is unlikley.
    How ever, if you run in to such issues, let me know

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    Quite a lot people are still playing, it's just about these roofing spots and looking around if there is anything to optimizie. BTW, original .map files for multiplayer maps are really released? Cuz if yes I would not bother to upload them here, instead I will upload SP.

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