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Thread: Custom player skin bug

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    Default Custom player skin bug

    So, since the beginning of MOHAA, there has been a bug with custom player skins on a server.
    For one (which makes sense), you can ONLY see the player skin of the other person if YOU, the SERVER and the OTHER PLAYER have that skin in their main.
    So you'd think, that people not having those skins in their main, wouldn't experience any difference..

    However, when the SERVER and the OTHER PLAYER are using certain custom skins (not all custom skins!), and you don't have those.. you can see their weapon pointed towards the sky. So the weapon is not visually located on the body where it should be. This also gives a huge disadvantage to players who don't have those custom skins in their main folder, as you can't see where the opponent is aiming at and they can clip even better without being seen.

    This is one of the main reasons we don't see people using custom skins all the time and having fun (like in Quake 3, which was amazing in using custom skins).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    After loads of testing, all the custom skins with these issues are based on the following stock models:
    • german_winter_2
    • german_worker
    • allied_manon

    You can see which stock skins they are based on by opening up the pk3s and going to the models\players folder and accessing the skin's tik file.
    You can see which skin they're based on next to 'skelmodel' & 'path model' (and sometimes there are more indicators).
    	path models/human/German_worker
    	skelmodel german_worker.skd
    Now I always advice admins to either remove custom skin packs or remove only specific skins.. but might there be an actual way to solve this problem?
    I have never seen anyone trying to solve this (that I'm aware of ofc.).. so.. can this issue be solved, so that every custom skin can be used on servers without any issues/bugs?
    (My first thought was if it was possible to change the stock model the skin was assigned too, but no idea if that'd work.)

    Any help is much appreciated!
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    Someone told be a long tie back, think I was in NUF clan at the time that was caused by a "bad" weapons on back mod which don't really make any sense because what I know now I didn't know then is you don't need a mod for that just remove the // from the holster weapons part of tik files. Wonder if something could be added to the skins checker script to "glue" or "tag" it to the model path on custom skins ?

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    I see this bug happening in some of the skins of the BA skin pack.

    Theres something on that skins cause that bug.

    We only need to see the difference between a skin working good and the other not to fix this.

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    i think that bug is normal to happen, as you are missing files, so the error is from the client side

    can you post a link for a skin that doesn't have that bug?

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    Yeah it definitely doesn't have to do with any other mod.. and it happens with loads of different skin packs and also individual skin pk3s.
    Including the BA skin pack yeah, but again.. always and only the custom skins that are based on: german_winter_2, german_worker and allied_manon, in literally every case.

    To take the BA skin pack as an example:

    The bug does NOT occur on all skins in that pack like:
    • allied_Airborne_101E_Col_Sink
    • allied_capt_recon
    • german_Brandenburg_Commando
    • german_Elite_NCO
    • german_Gestapo
    • german_afrika_grenadier

    (and more, but I won't list them all)

    The bug DOES occur on the following skins in the pack:
    • german_SS_Elite_Guard
    • german_luftwaffe_field
    • Allied_British_1_snow_RADIO
    • Allied_British_1_snow_helmet1

    3 of those 4 are based on German_Winter_2 and the other one is based on allied_manon.
    I tested other skins and skin packs to find out that it also occurs on custom skins based on german_worker, however none of the skins in the BA skin pack are based on that one.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's a screenshot using r_showtris 3 (shows the origin point of each model). using the Allied_British_1_snow_helmet1 model.
    it shows the player origin at the bottom, the origin of the main weapon (tag_weapon_right bone) and the origin of an attached model to the tag_weapon_left bone

    and for some reason, both tag_weapon_right and tag_weapon_left bones are shown on the back of the player when they should be near to the hands.

    so i think probably the problem is some models where made using different skeletons/bones, and that makes the tag_weapon_ bones to get misplaced when you don't have the model. (just my theory)

    and this also happen when using the skin i made, the ugandan knuckles
    it uses a custom .skd with this skeleton
    i don't remember what animation file i imported it from, but probably from a skeleton made for single player bots because it has a "helmet bone" and the helper bones are missing
    i wonder if this also happens to TheRipppa's models

    but still, i have no idea if this is fixable or not
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    It probably has something to do with the model of the player. Try replacing the skelmodel with that of another player that doesn't have this issue and see if that works.

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