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Thread: R.I.P. NanLinda

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    Unhappy R.I.P. NanLinda

    As the title shows.. I come with bad news..
    With a a huge pain in my heart I must tell you that NanLinda has passed away yesterday.

    Linda has been in the hospital for a week or 2 now, and was still in contact with parts of the MOHAA community, I guess it was worse than we thought .

    She was always a HUGE part of the community and so so active, always happy to help where she could.

    My thoughts go out to her family, MAW clan and every soul who was fortunate enough to know her.
    Rest in Peace Lin.


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    R.I.P Linda.

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    Even in hospital she was putting energie in mohaa, thats a mohaa heart, gonna miss you lin, youve been always nice and helpfull and at times also crazy , bless you

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    Let me share the pain. Bye Linda!

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    I didn't know Linda personally, but this is heart breaking. Rest in peace. Your contributions were not made in vain.

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    RIP Linda :'(

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    RIP Linda, and wishing strength and courage for all her friend and relatives..

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    Oh wow! Very sad! May she R.I.P and my deepest condolences to everyone that knew her. She will definitely be missed! Thank you Shadow for the share. Wow, when I came across this post I just couldn't believe it. I wasn't even aware she had complications. :'(

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    R.I.P NanLinda.. A true big heart and soul of our community.. You will be missed by all of us.. I didn't know you personally or as good as other members of the community.. but I will surely miss seeing you around.. posts.. and good morning shouts..

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    yeah specialy the morning shouts, u could find them on every mohaa site, our morning sunshine

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