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Thread: X-null development team sought

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    I think between the devs we have still here that we can continue the patch. But I feel that we could only fix the bugs that are in the path, I don't feel we have the skills to optimise the anti wh any further , but I'm sure we could have a go at it.
    Adding new features could be done aswell, but as you mentioned the key part would be anticheat features

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    I recommend contributing to openmohaa or mohue4 instead of wasting time and resources on reborn patch.
    However good reborn was,it is still a wrapper and adding to it is tough. I bet fixing openmohaa crashes is waaaaaay easier than fixing reborn.
    Note that opm server is already done and its crashes are unknown. It is just missing actors and vehicles but who uses them online these days.That basically means with some effort we may not need reborn anymore!.
    On the other hand mohue is a modern project with a modern engine and is future rich. The taste of mohaa with modern graphics should be awesome and attract a lot more players who play modern games.

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