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    Hi all - well still lots to do but with much much help from James our new forum is up and running on the old domain also redirect as well but you can also use this link also

    The server has been completely rebuilt to all the latest PHP / MYSQL / Apache by James

    MajorA has been very busy to finding us a Dark theme and working on new graphics and starting to add content - all the old AAAA content will still be available as legacy. We also have a light theme available for users that prefer a bright theme

    For the forum we opted not to import user base as it was massive and many accounts inactive so for the forum members will need to register again but its quick and easy now

    The Database is still being worked on by myself and Own3mall so bare with us - due to upgrades database views is broken on old site - trying to fix it but main efforts are getting the DB migrated.......

    Many thanks to ALL who have helped pull this off so far and inputted to the project

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    Old Database now back online. Link added via new forum - - wrk continues on the migration

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