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Thread: MOHAA for Ubuntu Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Criminal View Post
    OK, so you decided to go safe OS way, if you don't want to leave your windows programs you need wine. Wine is compatibility layer used to run windows programs under linux, adobe suite, office suite, you name it, wine probably can run it with more or less "hacks". Wine installations are contained in so-called wine prefix, which is in most cases hidden directory in your home.

    Download yourself from thepiratebay or other friendly software distributor MOHAA Warchest Edition from GOG, or buy it, then install wine with sudo apt-get install wine. After you are done with installation go to your download process and launch setup.exe of warchest edition, normally it executes .exe through wine automatically, but it may be needed to go into properties -> launch/open with -> wine. You will go now through standard mohaa installation.

    Now magic begins - Nvidia Graphic cards:

    - You need to install nvidia linux driver for you graphic card or you will be kept at crashing screen forever, google suggests that on cinnamon sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall is the easiest and least painfull way to go, but there is also traditional sudo apt-get install --install-recommends nvidia-driver-440 way. I'm not sure though if nvidia-driver-440 is latest, you will need to do your research and check what driver is right for your GPU. After installation of driver you should reboot your system.

    - After reboot, download that file: - and open your terminal, type wine regedit . Window will pop-up, choose import option and import file you have just downloaded.

    - Now you are ready to play, open terminal or cd to your mohaa location in wine prefix, and type __GL_ExtensionStringVersion=17700 wine C://Path_to_your_install. Althought as I mentioned there will be shortcuts created to game and its extensions on your desktop, you can open them with Kate, Nano or Whatever and I think under exec line add that glExtension bullshit before wine C://Path_to_your_install and save, so you don't have to type that for your whole life in terminal to launch 2002 game.

    I dunno how to explain it in easier way, if you decided to go linux you have to do a lot of research anyway, getting familliar with filesystem and how some things work and whatnot.
    Thanks got it to work had to update my amdgpu some reason it didn’t update with mint installation.

    @anspectrum thank you as well I think I will stick to going back to windows when I want to play MoHAA lol

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    I tested the native linux client on a Ubuntu 22 VM recently, I had more luck than years ago when I couldn't figure some graphic drivers issues...

    I used Ryan Gordon's archive with a stock Windows version (Cracked or not). Own-them-all bash script isn't working anymore, but I guess I inevitably repeated its steps...

    Because the linux beta was made in 2004 when 64 bits operating systems where not mainstream, you should also use your distribution package manager to download 32 bits version of the old packages needed to run the game, as mentioned in particular:

    - 32 bits GPU Drivers
    - 32 bits libstdc++5
    - And create a Symbolic link to your 32 bits version of distributed with the GPU drivers, because the game uses a wrong from a default folder.

    At this point, the game runs without a proper working sound system, one can uses 32 bits ALSA-OSS packages for a buggy low quality ingame sound (still better than nothing).

    Some entities are also wrongly positioned (eg: the curtains on stalingrad) and I seems to have some issues to open the game console (only with ESC in the main menu, maybe a keyboard layout problem just inherited from my VM configuration?)

    Here is a screen (because I could not found one on the web^^) :

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks val for all of this helpful information. The script has been updated. It's been tested on two machines running fresh installs of Ubuntu 22.04 x64, so I think we're good to go. It's still a pain to get everything to work since it appears that 32-bit applications are frowned upon now.
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