Hey Guys,

I have created a very basic video tutorial that shows you how use git on Windows. Basically, git allows you to work on multiple projects stored in different branches. You can switch between projects and branches at any time. Git allows us to store and centralize our source code in an online repository that can be worked on simultaneously by different developers at the same time.

Think of a git project as a folder that stores source code, binaries, and any other files. Changes you make in this folder live on your computer locally. When you're ready to share you changes, you create a changeset which is essentially a diff between what is currently stored on the remote server and what's stored on your local computer. You then push the diff to the remote server so that the remote repository has your changes and is ready for other developers to pull them.

You work on your local branch and control when you pull in other developer changesets or push your own changesets to the remote server. This allows project collaboration.

Please git clone the repository you plan to work on, copy your current files over to the local repository folder, git commit, and then git push so that your source code is available for everyone in GitLab to see, download, and work on. We need to get all the pieces up-to-date and stored in one central location so that other developers can come onboard and work on code.

Git video guide:

password for video: xnull