Hey guys, From time to time I decided to improve OpenMoHAA due to being a little tired with patching and hooking stuff.
My goal was to recreate the main game logic by reimporting stuff from FAKK2 & EF2, and it succeeded.
Due to not much things left to remake the mohaa game logic, I wanted to know if we may go from patching to real (when it's ready o/c). And I'd like to know if any of you guys are willing to help in redoing the stuff.

Roadmap (what needs to be done) :
  • Collision fix with models and brushmodel
  • This is an OPM dedicated server issue. Collision and models works well in a MOH dedicated server.
  • Sound & aliases
  • Needs to be remade in the OPM dedicated server.
  • Localization support in OPM

--- [Closed Beta Testing] ---

  • Fix most "FIXME" in the code (most are stubs and some are bugs)
  • Vehicles (experimental)
  • All functions are imported from the MoHAA debug symbols, but they need to be supported

--- [Open Beta Testing] ---

  • Fix reported bugs
  • MoH actors (experimental)
  • Same as vehicle, all functions are imported but they need to be supported
  • Navigation system (PathSearch/PathNode class) is almost done

--- [Open Beta Testing, Single-Player] ---

  • Fix all reported bugs

--- [Open Release] ---

  • Later: import SH and BT features (such as Tug-Of-War and Liberation)
  • Multiplayer bots support

What are the main features done :
  • Script Engine, fully working, no crash (check this old thread)
  • The Script Engine was rewritten from scratch and also include optimizations MoHAA currently has
  • All scripts get successfully loaded in anim and global
  • Strings optimization using a string dictionary hashtable (const strings)
  • Compatibility between an OpenMoHAA server and MoHAA
  • Player movement & perfect animations with states
  • Exact mohaa movement
  • Maps load successfully server-side
  • Ubersound/Uberdialog are processed successfully
  • Multiple clients can connect simultaneously
  • Documentation (dumpallclasses)
  • Scoreboard, votes
  • MoHAA server is able to run OpenMoHAA's GameDLL (running OPM game dll locally)
  • Ladders + Turrets + Intermissions + Items/Weapons
  • Lot of reborn functions
  • Archiver (save, compress, decompress and load)

What are the current new features :
  • Player bots
  • They interact with doors, chase, fire, and move with the navigation system
  • Ability to compile scripts into a binary file and execute it
  • Custom weapons and viewmodelanim

What will this bring to us in the future :
  • Much more features
  • Less time in debugging, and easiness in coding
  • No more hooking/patching
  • More stability and less crash
  • Less work in compiling for NIX
  • Updates will come much faster

Check http://dev.x-null.net/leyok/openmohaa/tree/master for the source

Screenshots :
http://www.zupimages.net/up/15/03/1egb.png --> MoHAA, facing an OpenMoHAA player
http://www.zupimages.net/up/15/04/5c5t.png --> OpenMoHAA, facing a MoHAA player
http://zupimages.net/up/15/10/v524.png --> Scoreboard is working