Hi there

1- add a script command via scipts , syntax :

addcommand cmd thread

ex :

addcommand instr global/strings.scr::instr // uses elgan's strings

Alternatives that already exist :

[wait]thread or [wait]exec

2- console cmd detection , syntax:

addstufftext cmd handler


addstufftext "lol" say_handler

say_handler local.player local.cmd:

local.player stufftext "say Laugh Out Loud"


Alternatives that already exist :

unlimited input : alias / limited input : keypress event and servercommand event

3- get cvar from a player ,

4- if i want to check for updates for a specific mod , how would that be possible

5- chat filter should have been like :

stringFind stringReplace

bcuz localizations are limited

if stringreplace arg not set then dissallow the message , like what reborn does for now

i'll post a few more soon