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Thread: m5l2b carsh under Spearhead

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    Default m5l2b carsh under Spearhead


    Found a strange crash. I work on the coop mod for Mohaa, the mod runs under Spearhead, because the basegame is very-very unfriendly with coop mod. I finished 5 missions (23 maps) from the 6, so I'm not too far from the end. BUT:

    On map m5l2b (second tankdriving map) I found strange bugs which causes gamecrash:
    1 - no matter I drive the tank or move as spectator, the map crashes on some places. (for example on the left side after start, near the demolished bridge) Checked the triggers, removed all scripts, it crashes.
    2 - crashes if I shoot with the tank (with primary or secondary attack) On this Tiger there is only cannon gun, no machinegun, so if I use secondary attack, it shoots with the cannon. <<< On m5l2a the tank and map works perfectly. I have no idea what can I do.

    I moved the pk3 to Breakthrough, and works perfectly, no any crashes, so the problem is with Spearhead. If its possible I would like to stay with Spearhead.

    Any idea?
    (I dont use Reborn patch)


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    just a check

    did u try to make ur scrupt after "level waittill spawn" ?

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    nope I just tried it in spearhead with copy of sp maps from mods r us, and as long as I select axis it works but if I go allied it crashes right away.

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    It also crashes if I comment out the whole or part of script. In this case the scripts don't count.

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