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    Default Medal of Honor: Query Launcher Utility

    Hey Guys,

    Please try out my new application that could be used once the GameSpy Master Server goes offline. It's an application that will query all of the servers from the new master and allow you to join the server at the click of a button. Right now, it's using a test server I created. Thus, there is only one server that is queried. But it works and will be used for the rest once the server patch is updated.

    You can also now add server IP addresses manually through the interfaces or by creating a text file called servers.txt and putting only the IP and port of each server into it. There are also new options to launch the game without the intro screens and etc.

    You need .NET Framework 4.0 installed in order to use it. .NET 4.0 works on XP-Win10.

    Get it here and install it first if you don't have it:

    Then, download and run the installer:

    Make sure you allow it internet access if you have a firewall! Please let me know your results!

    Also, let me know if you can think of any more features that should be added.

    Screenshots (click to enlarge):

    For Developers:

    You can use the code Query Launcher uses to write your own AA, SH, and BT querying C# applications. See this thread for information:
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