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Thread: MoH:AA Guide

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    Default MoH:AA Guide

    *UPDATE 3-18-18*

    The MOHAA Guide v1.5.

    Download Guide: xNULL MIRROR, AAAA MIRROR or MediaFire MIRROR.
    Download Tutorial Pack: HERE or HERE.
    Download Picture Pack: HERE or HERE.

    (The Tutorial Pack includes all tutorials for mapping, skinning, scripting, modding etc. that have been published online for AA/SH/BT).
    (The Picture Pack includes over 550 pictures (icons/logos/banners/headers/wallpapers etc.) that are related to the game (mods, software, sites, TS icons etc.))

    The MOHAA Guide was specified for Sniper Only & CK Realism, but currently 90% of the guide covers information about & that is useful for All Weapons and/or Default players as well.
    More information about All Weapons & Default is included in V1.2 and above.

    Roughly 2 years has gone into working on this guide, due to a high amount of information (100+ pages) and University that got into the way (got my degree now so no worries!).

    This guide is meant for both player and admins, specifically for newer players & admins or people that just want to get some fresh new ideas.

    For players there is a lot of information on: movement, aim, tactics, settings, general skills etc.
    For admins there is a lot of information on: anti-cheats, anti-crash, how to spot cheaters, ban & kick systems, rcon commands etc.

    For both players & admins there is also a huge list of Bugs that will include the fixes to these bugs.

    I hope everyone will find something useful in the guide, even if it’s just one little phrase.
    MoH:AA is a great game, and we can only hope that more people will start playing it again and get better and better at it.

    p.s. The file is a bit big (roughly 45 MB) due to some of the files in the Appendixes being huge.
    p.p.s. There is a Black & White edition of the Guide. The black one has a black background with white letters and the white one a white background with black letters. (Choose what reads better for you.)

    Kind Regards,

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    wow nice work

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    Testing Crew Member bulldozer's Avatar
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    Good effort! It's so impressive, like a substantive wiki.
    Is it a final version or you intend to make updates?
    I'd have some additional supplements such as MOHAPI (anticheat). Also, If you granted me permission I'd gladly translate it to hungarian.

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    wow nice you worked on it silently for a long time and bang bring up this impressive work, good riddance

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    Thanks guys

    @JoTo Yeah just in case it failed, people wouldn't have known about it :P
    @Bulldozer, I intend to make updates when needed (and have the time) yes , would love to add more stuff! and yes you may translate it to Hungarian Will be a bit of work haha.

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    I thought I knew a lot about MoHAA but, damn, this guide has proven me wrong.
    At least when it came to playing it.. I guess the days when I was a top dog sniper were only due to my youthful reflexes..

    I remember back in the day, right before getting into scripting, raking 115 sniper kills on omaha while playing as the axis.
    It was the first time I was openly accused of being a cheater and I laughed so hard when reading each insult because I knew I legitimately pwn'ed each and every one of them.

    Thanks for the nostalgia trip, Shadow.

    But, this really should end up in some kind of centralized wiki about MoHAA. I know we have mod and map databases but we have nothing
    for all the raw information. The kind of information about the game, the gameplay, modding, scripting, mapping, modeling etc...
    Lots of information and tutorials have disappeared from the net already. Perhaps we should salvage whatever remains and whatever people
    still held onto sooner rather than later.. so we can decide what to do with it exactly afterwards.

    What do you guys think?
    Morpheus Script (MoH) => You try to shoot yourself in the foot only to discover that MorpheusScript already shot your foot for you.

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    Thread definitely deserves a sticky.

    Nice job Shadow!!!

    @Sor, I agree we just need to get a good system up and running. I think HSB has a pretty solid system setup though if I recall correctly. I think own3mall does as well.

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    Thanks guys and no problem Sor haha
    I realised a lot of people didn't know the ins and outs of the game, while I am basically one with the game xD so that's where the idea started
    Also I agree we should try and locate all information that's MOHAA related and save it somewhere.. we've done a good job with the Map Database, which is now 'complete'. The skins & mod database would take ages due to the high amount of different ones..

    At least we have the .MAP tutorials saved and now on there, but there are lots and lots more tutorials out there that I do think we need to preserve.. maybe even prefab files for (future) mappers?

    p.s. James, really appreciate the sticky! though I don't see it yet

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    wow great guide !

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    Yeah nice guide, fully detailed!
    I'm playing this game since it ame out and i still don't understand clipping lol

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