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Thread: Dave - COH clan server related "problems" ...

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    Impressive, didn't think they'd grow up haha, nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoTo View Post
    .... hmmmm, I don't know if your ready for the truth heatsink ........ but ........... they didn't banned you because of your skill ......

    I was in the admin's office when it was going like: "Omg its heatsink ! Beware ! Ohnonono god help us, all banning tools up IMMEDIATLY !" :P
    Ow that hurt

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    i'm maybe wrong but i tough there were a simple pk3 that was like "wh admin tool".: a wh that is only displayed in spectator.
    If this kind of thing dosen't exist, is there a way to do it via scripting or whatever ?
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    I think armageddon released something like it. Otherwise, this would be simpler than mefy's spectator system for example, all you need to do
    is make sure <spectator admin>.origin = <suspected wh>.origin by gluing, looping etc... The same applies to .angles and .viewangles, so
    both their crosshairs will match almost a 100%.

    Perhaps multiply the <suspected wh>.origin by (<suspected wh>.forwardvector * 64) before setting it as admin's origin or gluing admin to that
    offset position so the admin won't see the player model's hollowed-out eyes

    The scripting framework will feature a spectator mode for admins like this. But in the meantime, this simple trick should be enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by heatsinkbod View Post
    Ow that hurt
    ah sorry Jon, I could just not resist to bring up my silly jokes

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    also got ban by this ubersoldier who i guess is dave = dax.

    see, doesnt take long to find u, even if ur clan doesnt have a forums. Same as in game, from first moments when i entered i guessed u will wait for me and camp, and you ban me because i expected u behind corners and hiding behind bushes. Guy sits alone in server and bans the only person willing to play with him lol. So bored with this bs.


    nvm, second ban today. Hes a retard, apparently doesnt believe anything except his crappy skilled ego, =COH= added to s*** servers list :d
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    i never get banned.... what does that say?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slimbips {sfx} View Post
    i never get banned.... what does that say?
    That you're a noob Slim :P

    No but the COH server is basically for COH members only.. or for players that haven't played FPS games before.
    Because even you would get banned there Slim.. even if you're running every anti-cheat that exists.

    Basically they don't want players that ruin the experience of their own, which I do understand to a degree. Because if you have pro players coming in non-stop, their own members won't be able to kill anyone and their fun will be ruined.
    Again, I do understand where they are coming from.

    HOWEVER, it shows a complete lack of respect to accuse clean players, just because they know how to play the game. Either be up front and tell them that you don't want good players on the server OR let them play there.
    But the way COH always does it, is basically trying to ruin the reputation of a player and make up complete bs arguments about cheats.

    You know I don't cheat Slim, yet when I was still playing in the LuV server, I was also targeted by inexperienced admins and had to use anti-cheats (which is completely fine btw, because any issues were always resolved and I'm glad you take good care of your server and its players ^^). Same with other servers.. I understand it's sometimes difficult for admins to gage whether a player is good or cheating.. but most servers have rules in place and are open to a dialogue when they ban someone. This is not the case with COH. I also don't mind speaking bad about them, because any respect I've ever had for them has been completely destroyed by themselves and I want to make sure that any player who gets banned from there, doesn't have their reputation ruined. It's important that clean players get defended when needed.. as it's too easy to call someone a cheater without proof in general.

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    U just dont play mohaa much, certainly not on other servers. Seeing how well u played last customs I guarantee u would get a ban on FT servers like UWS or MAW. Heck, last time at COH i had a freaking rifle, no try hard play, bashed few guys, 2-3 clean shots with rifle and ban lol. After ubersoldier put an annoy command on me and I offered him to run alphamacs, guy said to me nothing except i banned u for cheat and piss off.

    Kinda amazed such folks are smart enough to run servers but cant differentiate hax from legit players.

    Yeh, u can understand that better players may spoil fun for noobs, but then u should say so in a polite manner, sorry ur too good for us or just put a password on ur server, or write its Noobs only or smth as they do in other multiplayer games.

    Btw, this crappy admining thing is bigger issue that you might think, together with DDOS this year its just unbelievable how bad it has become. I remember 10 - 15 years back there was no such prob. U could play normal or as hard as u wanted and noone cared. Granted, I recall a ban from 2007 or smth by UWS, which i ignored as there were way more servers to choose from. Guess those guys always had issues lol.

    Luv is indeed a haven if u wanna play hard and not be bothered, i havent been asked for AC, guess i suck too , pity is it gets overcrowded easily, more than 8v8 or 10v10 is messy, no map control, no tactical play just rambo mode :d
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    I still see admins having problems with cheaters in my server, some people just dont have the eye for it, but alot of my admins know and admit they dont have it, and will only ban obvious cases.... wich makes alot of people get crazy if they "think" there is a cheater on and admins dont take actions.
    But there should always be an way to openly discuss the bans on a forum.

    Ill bet Shadow will get banned within 30 minutes in our server :P, this game is one of the less games where u can have 18 years of experience with... and thats alot, and some people have that, some of them play with an hangover with 1 hand and still play on top of the scoreboard.
    After 18 years of spectating i also still make mistakes but most of them becease i was tired of being in spec all the time and wanted to play so i made decicions to quick.

    But if u play in a server... u get banned and u cant get a decent reply or anything... just dont bother to play there and play somewhere else, even if they know your clean but your to good and you shoot their server empty.. just accept it and see where u can play, their server their rules..
    Best thing is to create your own server and make the rules on there (like i did), i was also tired of shit admins and shitty behavior in servers and gone my own way.

    Still all the best to COH clan, one of my favorite servers back in the days.

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