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    Default Chamboxes

    Last update: 19-08-2010 (V1.4) (by Shadow)
    Basic Information

    This is a 'mod' that blocks certain pk3 chams (99 known chams, probaly more, seeing as most work the same way).
    The hacker will get a colored screen when playing in the server (objective game-type only!).
    Now any hacker that knows how to edit a pk3 file will be able to bypass this, also cheaters that use non-pk3 hacks (opengl for instance) will not get blocked.

    Anyways, it's a nice way to keep some noobs out of your server, every noob that gets blocked by it is a win for the server.

    Made by: Contex
    Edited by: Trinity
    Further edited&updated by: Shadow

    Diffrence between Shadow's update and the original mod by Contex (&Trinity)?
    - No more lagg (laggbursts have been removed, the only lagg possible would be in the 1st second of a round only !)
    - Edited the mod so that it blocks much more chams without any lagg.
    - Converted the mod into a pk3 file.
    - Removed false positives.
    - Included a Read-Me File

    How to install?

    Unzip/Unrar the ZzZz_Anti-Cham.rar and place the same named pk3 file in your servers mohaa\main folder.

    When using a different version where the .rar is the .pk3, do the following:
    Download the ZzZz_Anti-Cham.rar and change the name into ZzZz_Anti-Cham.pk3 and place it in your servers mohaa\main.

    If this does not work, try adding more 'Z''s to the name (e.g. zzzzzzzzzzz_Anti-Cham.pk3) so that it will be the last pk3 file it reads, thus not making it conflict with other pk3's in your server main folder.

    Restart the server after adding the pk3.

    How to test?
    If you want to test if the mod works, then download a random pk3 cham online.
    Place this pk3 cham in your personal mohaa\main folder.
    Go into the (objective!) server.
    Make sure there are atleast 2 people (including you) in the game.
    Wait till the next round starts, you screen should get colored at that point.
    (The mod does NOT work with only 1 player in the game.)
    NOTE: Remove the pk3 in your main after testing !!!

    Catching these hackers?
    If you would like to catch these hackers and ban them as well, you can use a program a mate of mine (Gen.Syma) made.
    It will filter your qconsole.log (which is located in your servers main folder !).
    This will show every player that has typed in game things like ''wtf my screen is blue'' (or any other color !)
    Their name will show next to the message they have typed. To locate their IP, open your qconsole.log and search (CTRL+F) the player's name, the IP will be shown in the line above the first connection of the player. (If you use programs like CK Autokick or MoH:AA CI, then it will be much easier to locate an IP when having their name).

    Download link: (Also included in this rar file !)
    NOTE: This program will locate malicious commands, server crashes, server floods, all chat messages and some (cheat)scripts used as well.

    Also make sure you have the following setting in your server.cfg !!!
    seta developer 2

    (This will add the correct lines in your qconsole.log which are needed to locate the hackers).

    Examples Qconsole Filter
    (You will need the 1.12 patch to locate server crashers & malicious commands used !!)
    When filtering the qconsole.log with the above program, you can find the following (and more/other) results:

    Players caught using chams:

    clientCommand: mina : 8 : dmmessage 0 hmm why the screen is yellow?
    clientCommand: #S3 - GouGou^ : 7 : dmmessage 0 Hey .. My Screen Is White :S , Why ?
    clientCommand: Dubcheat : 5 : dmmessage 0 omg my screen is green xD
    clientCommand: Dragon : 17 : dmmessage 0 guyz my screen is blue what the hell is it ?
    clientCommand: *-[DT]-* True Beast : 23 : dmmessage 0 wtf is that green shit???

    Players caught trying to crash the server:

    gAmer^ | Clientnum: 12 | IP: - tried to crash server using leave_team
    Soldier | Clientnum: 5 | IP: - tried to crash server using lod_spawn

    Players caught using scripts:

    clientCommand: Mike[HUN] : 3 : iprint Sniper-Accuracy-On ////// (Quickscope script, no cheat !)
    clientCommand: Warfare 2 : 14 : iprint [Boost1] ////// (Pingbooster script, no cheat !)
    clientCommand: lilnate : 4 : iprint [xxx]ADMiN-PROTECTION[xxx]*ALIAS*active 1 ////// (stufftext cheat !)
    clientCommand: White Knigth : 10 : iprint EagleEye.ON ////// (3rd person cheat !)

    Pictures & Video's

    Player trying to use a certain cham:

    Anti-Cham mod test (video):

    Extra Information
    -Tip1: If a person is using any of the blocked chams, their screen will become totally red (or any other color, depending on the cham) and will have no choice but to disconnect.

    -Tip2: Laser pk3, NoLight pk3 & Weapon chams have been blocked aswell. (CTRL+F to locate)

    -Tip3: I'm not going to type how it works, just in case some noob manages to google this, and you all can probaly figure it out easily.

    -Tip4: If you want the list of the chams that are blocked, just pm me, if you want to add 1 to the list, plz tell me and send it to me so I can add it.

    -Tip5: There is 1 pk3 cham known that does not get blocked, I will not type which one, so test 2 diffrent chams when 1 doesn't work.

    -Tip6: Some people won't know what is happening to them, try looking on the xfire page of your server (which will show all screenshots made in that server), so by accident people can make screenshots of their hax, which allows you to ban them. for more info.

    The file is downloadable from the downloads section.
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    nice work, good job

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    For everyone who is intrested or just wants it to test : QConsole Filter
    Shadow asked me to make this so he could filter the players wich are complaining about colored screens(and ban them perhaps).
    It also filters on server crashes and malicious behaviour.
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    That filter is nice, just tested it and it works for me so gj
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    Yeah it works like a charm
    Though it also filters the dutch words for all the colors, and it could give some false-positives, like the dutch word for 'white' = 'wit' so words like ''with'' will also be counted, anyways the list won't get long anyways, so it's not to much to read.

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    if you do a white list will you make it check for duplicate entries of the same name. because cheat textures could be renamed to be the same as in the white list. just a though.

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    While that is true, MANY cheaters don't do that. Also I already spoke to Elgan and apparently he said it's impossible. It MAY be possible via the gamex wrapper, but I'm not sure.

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    Figured it was impossible, but none the less, was still hoping, seeing as I do not have the programming knowledge of the people around here.
    Anyways, this Anti-Cham mod is just to block the noobs out, when some one figures out how it works then they can bypass it easily, would be as easy to bypass as a whitelist.
    But it's working like a charm for now With the Qconsole filter Syma made for me I can track down scum way faster.

    Maybe a nice tip for others, some hacks use 'iprint' which gives a nice little yellow message below your compass, just like some servers implement on their server (some mods have this aswell). Now through Qconsole you can actually locate that message, even if it's used clientside.

    For example:

    clientCommand: White Knigth : 10 : iprint EagleEye.ON
    clientCommand: White Knigth : 11 : iprint EagleEye.ON
    clientCommand: White Knigth : 12 : iprint EagleEye.OFF

    clientCommand: Mike[HUN] : 3 : iprint Sniper-Accuracy-On
    (The last 1 is a Quickscope script for the sniper, but I personally am against these scripts, you just have to learn yourself how to quickscope, so I do ban people for this.)

    And ofc. you can locate their IP in the Qconsole log.

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    can you put up a SS of this yellow message

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoH:aa -=[BAD]=-blazing View Post
    can you put up a SS of this yellow message
    Well for example: this is a freeze-tag video, you can see here the yellow message below the compass. Like ''Axis player frozen'', this is the same method used with some hacks, as you can see above ''EagleEye.ON'' & ''Sniper-Accuracy-On''
    Think the same thing/message as when you grab a weapon from the ground.. could also be white I guess.

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