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Thread: X-null mod / map Template

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    Just a quick update on the AAAA Map database - Shadow has now uploaded 1110 maps (Great work dude!!) I have changed the layout so its more flexi due to some map records have a lot of added content others not, added a full index, its not loading the main index fast as its not keeping up with the cache builds as Shadow keeps on adding more lol but it will get faster. Also a lot of tweaks added from feedback and ideas from Shadow.

    Also fixed an issue server side on Apache where firefox was viewing PK3 instead of asking download - just forced the mime type server side to stop Firefox doing a view on a PK3 file - Chrome and IE were fine just looks like Firefox was defaulting to a view.

    Mod database approx 55 + growing slow but DoubleKill has started helping out on uploads their..........

    Just finishing off a bulk download option

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    I'm not sure how Razo and others are looking at this, and it seems to be getting a bit forgotten..
    I'd just like to point out that on AAAA we currently have the biggest map database, we got a record of 1997 maps right now.
    If there is a way to implement this into (a feature of) xNULL / Reborn patch I suggest we look into it a bit more.. I know the community is getting fonder of custom maps, and if we can make the acces to these maps easier and quicker than that would be a major breakthrough for the community.

    I'm sure any change that would be needed to the current database could be changed a bit by heatsink.
    Just would like to know peoples thoughts about this..

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    Well, since you've already spent a lot of time on this, we'll use it. Everything is in DB, it's just a matter of accessing it and presenting the data in a form that is suitable to our layouts.

    I'm OK with using AAAA Map/Mod DB for now. I'm going to try to recruit some people to get layout for it done, so we can use the same DB but different presentation layer over here.

    Thanks a lot for your work and initiative. We'll use it until we come up with time and ideas for improvements, because now we don't need more.

    I'll let you know soon about decisions.

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    Fair enough Hope you know some skilled people that can improve things a bit. But yeah lots of work has gone into the info and downloads itself, would be a shame not to use it.
    Will patiently await the outcome

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