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Thread: REBORN PATCH Release Candidate 3.5 Version

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    There was probably a problem with admin rights or something and file mapping was not working. I just did the same thing other way so it works the same but I don't use MapViewOfFile.

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    Thanks Razor just interested so we can avoid this in the future .........

    So I am thinking we need to build a standard build for Mohaa................

    Yeh its going to get bigger but how many times we seen these issues and I am still none the wise why the AAAA build did not work on the first release so lets bix this off once and for all..........

    So for AAAA we are running a UK/EU version from Gaming deluxe but is clear that we got away with it before but our server binary now have to use uk/us version shipped with patch - god knows but so many versions out their lets get a standard build it will help stability ....................

    So I would suggest start with saying you have to use reborn shipped uk/us binary so we all same sheet.............


    Well seen some good ones lets get a generic server config started with all the docs we have posted - an example just tryd to connect to a server today with 5 of family on same ip the patch blocks was a pain in the rear had to find the command in the forums ((( so lets build the docs but then do a config with rems so you know what all selections do !!!

    An example would be for the stock build - still on RC3.1 you cant connect because of the ping issue think its still the same on 3.5 but imagine rolling it out and testing and half your players cant connect so lets ship the patch with a default config with rem'd out features but a quick start but all the features in the config.........

    Seen some great ones already not my work but if a few can submit will hellp us build a stock next gen mohaa server config !!!

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    @ HSB, Haha, I'm in the states there's a 7 hour difference haha.

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