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    Default CVar List

    CVar List


    This is a cumulative list of the new CVars introduced in every Release Candidate up till now (RC3.1.005).
    Click on a CVar below to be redirected for more information and specifics.


    Version Cvar Default
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_kickbadcmd "1" (0=off; 1=on) If ON, players who use bad console commands will be automatically kicked.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_banning "1" (0=off; 1=on) Turns the Banning System on or off.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_disablechat "0" (0=off; 1=on) Turns in-game chat function on or off for all clients.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_filterchat "1" (0=off; 1=on) Turns the Chat Filtering System on or off.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_badchatlimit "3" (<0...65000>) Sets the limit of bad word penalties (specified by chatfilter.cfg) for all clients. Once the penalty limit is reached, the client in question will be kicked.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_antiwh "1" (1=Bone A-WH; 2=Hitbox A-WH; 3=BonePredict A-WH; 4=FramePredict A-WH; 5=Testing(better accuracy); 6=tweaked mode 5 (RC3.1.005+ only)) If non-zero value, turns on the Anti-WallHack System to be run in the specified mode.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_antistwh "1" (0=off; 1=on) Turns on Anti-Shoot Through Walls Hack system on or off
    RC1/RC3.1 sv_updatedelay "12" (<0...65000>) Sets the delay counted in hours between last and actual check for new update.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_recoilemulation "1" (0=off; 1=on) Turns on NoRecoil detection and server-side recoil emulation for cheaters on or off.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_kickping "500" <0...999> If non-zero, kicking players with high ping will be enabled and players with a ping higher than the specified value will be kicked.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_stufftextdetection "1" (0=off; 1=on) If ON, Stufftext Bypass Detection System will check if players use modified game to protect themselves against admin tools that make use of stufftext command.
    RC1-RC3.1 sv_maxconnperip "3" (-1=off; <0...100>=on) Specifies the maximum number of connections per IP that will be allowed by the game. More players than this value connecting with the same IP will be rejected.
    RC1-RC3.1 g_votetimeout "1" (<0...5>) Sets vote expire time. Time is counted in minutes. If you want to set expire time to less than one minute type: 0.x eg. 0.5 = 30 seconds
    RC2.5.G-RC3.1 sv_antiwhskipping "400" (<0...999>) Skips AntiWH checks for players above given ping
    RC3-RC3.1 g_teambalance "0" (0=off; 1=on) Turns hard-coded Teambalancing feature on or off.
    RC3.1.005 sv_packetflooddelay "50" (<0...1000> in miliseconds) Anti-getstatus flood delay (do not change unless you know what you are doing).
    RC3.1.005 sv_remotetoolip "" (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) Sets an IP from which your remote tool like CI, ForeSight or Scapp is communicating with the patch. It will be let through the anti-getstatus flood as trusted IP.
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