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    Default Windows Basic Install of Patch

    The following will guide you through getting the Reborn Patch on your MOHAA Server - a quick guide Summary provided by Joto first but if you require a more detailed step by step guide is also included. **** Note this is basic first steps after this you should read the individual instructions for each feature ""

    Quick guide -:


    Installation for Windows:

    1. Rename your original gamex86.dll to gamex86mohaa.dll
    2. Paste our gamex86.dll to \main\
    3. Paste all the .cfg and .ini files to \main\
    4. Run the server

    (Please Note: It is important that you keep the original files and just rename them:

    for windows: gamex86.dll ---> gamex86mohaa.dll

    else the server will not work)



    Detailed Guide -:


    1. Download latest Windows version of patch from forum download section

    2. Unzip the download using Winzip or 7zip for example - If you dont have any you can get 7zip free here -:

    3. You Should now have the patch looking like this -:
    Attachment 445

    4. ** Make a backup of your existing server ** There are only a couple of files changed by the patch but if you are not familiar with all the files and folders on your server it can become confusing if you wished to remove all the patch files.

    FYI The only files changed are gamex86.dll and the following if you need to use them due to problems -: gamex86mohaa.dll and

    5. Shut down your MOHAA server via your host in the normal way. ** NOTE if your host has a auto restart feature ensure your server does not restart after you have stopped it.

    6. Now On your hosted MOHAA server the following file "gamex86.dll" must be renamed to "gamex86mohaa.dll" - the file will be located in your MOHAA main folder - example of this folder path would be /MOHAA/main this may differ depending on what host you are on.

    Some host's may provide a HTTP file manager where you can rename the file or use FTP

    7. We now need to upload the contents of your downloaded unzipped patch main folder /Windows/main to the server /MOHAA/main.

    The contents of the /Windows/main -:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	contents of patch main.png 
Views:	111 
Size:	46.0 KB 
ID:	446

    Again this will be dependent on your host so either by HTTP or FTP.

    8. At this stage the patch is uploaded so lets test so far and start your server and see if its started up ok and is stable.

    9. If all ok Stop your server and now update your "server.cfg" this is the file that is run when your server first starts this may be a different name on some host's.

    The Server.cfg file needs to have the following lines added -:

    set sv_recoilemulation "1"
    set sv_stufftextdetection "0"
    set sv_antiwh "0"
    set sv_antistwh "1"

    Some host's allow you to edited a file in using their own features via HTTP connection but if you can't or don't understand just copy or download your "server.cfg" and edit it on your home PC and then upload it again via the HOST's FTP / HTTP remember the server should be shut down while your changing files.

    Should be ok to add this just about anywhere above your first map load.

    Save your config file

    At this stage dont worry about what they all do they will be covered in the Patch settings section.

    10. Your just about done but lets get you added as an admin.............

    The following file need to be edited to include you as an admin "admins.ini" The file is located in /MOHAA/main this is onof the new patch features.

    So as you did with the server config change this file -:

    //This is example:
    //login=test password=test rights=16383
    login=yourin-game-name password=test rights=16383

    The // mean that its just a comment and wont be used so for login= change this to your "ingame name" ensure to include tags if you use them needs to be exactly as it would show up in game and for password pick one.

    Save your changes

    11. Restart and test your server - Once connected to your server go into the in-game console by pressing the tilde key " ~ " (top left of keyboard normally next the "1" key could also be "`"

    This will bring up the MOHAA command console now key in patchver and hit enter

    You should get this -:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	patchversion.png 
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Size:	97.3 KB 
ID:	447

    ***Note the versions will differ depending on what version of the patch you have downloaded - but if you get an error or nothing displayed then looks like you have not got the patch running

    Ok Congratulations you have the patch running with basic features - now you should go to the other settings pages on how to get things enhanced!!!!
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