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Thread: Chat Filter system basic setup - chatfilter.cfg

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    Default Chat Filter system basic setup - chatfilter.cfg


    What is chatfilter.cfg

    The chat filter system stops and filters any bad words which you define in the "chatfilter.cfg" which will be found in your server "/MOHAA/main" folder

    How to use -:

    Edit the file "chatfilter.cfg" via your hosts server editor or by uplading a version of it from your PC via FTP.

    Usage - "Example "

    To stop the following words and them to the file -:

    piss off


    It checks basic words only so wild cards do not work - so you will need to add the different versions you wish to clock.

    If a player uses a filtered word they will be sent a message in game to warn them. The message is blocked and not displayed on the screen. Users are given 3 chances before been kicked

    Known issues -:

    No Known issues when using this feature - If experience problems it will be because of your contents of "chatfilter.cfg" Remove its contents to clear any filtered words.

    Server lag -:

    This feature will not cause any lag on MOHAA server.


    ad_chatfilteradd ad_chatfilteradd <word>

    adds bad word to chat filter list, player will get penalty points for using it, and can be kicked when reaching the points limit

    ad_chatfilterremove ad_chatfilterremove <word>

    removes bad word from chat filter list


    lists chat words to be filtered out (stored in chatfilter.cfg)


    0: chat filtering OFF
    1: chat filtering ON

    when ON, turns Chat Filtering System (bad words, penalty points)


    0: in-game chat OFF
    1: in-game chat ON

    when ON, in-game chat is turned off (players can't speak on chat)

    g_badchatlimit <0,65000> 3

    sets the limit of bad words that player can say on chat before he will get kicked when
    Chat Filtering System is ON please don't choose high numbers
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