set sv_sv_antistwh

What is set sv_sv_antistwh "1"

The Anti Shoot Through walls feature of the patch when enabled as set sv_sv_antistwh "1" stops players from shooting through wall's when they shouldn't be

How to use -:

Place the following in your "server.cfg" set sv_antistwh "1"

Usage - "1" = on "0" = off


Every server can be different as in setup and mods - sometimes depending on what they are can result in this feature having problems but we are not aware of any major issues in it's use.

Over correcting problem -:

If you do experience problems with this feature, do the following to turn this feature off in your "server.cfg" -:

seta sv_sv_antistwh 0

Server lag -:

In our experience its rare to see any server lag with this feature but again this will be dependent on what and how your server is setup with mods and other features. If you do experience lag and after testing you wish to turn this feature off do the following in the "" -:

seta sv_sv_antistwh 0