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Thread: Server config settings - set sv_antiwh

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    Default Server config settings - set sv_antiwh

    set sv_antiwh

    What is set sv_antiwh

    The anti-wallhack is a blocker that works server side, it doesn't disable wallhacks on the client but it makes them almost useless. All the integrated blockers in this feature are working server side.

    A wallhack (cham skins, radar) works because the server usually sends all player position information to the client regardless if a player is visible or not. This is what wallhacks are using to render players behind walls so chaeters can see players when they should not!!

    Now the anti-wallhack technology used in the patch checks for every client if a player is visible or not and sends only information about players to the client if those players are visible - information that the client doesn't have can't be used to render players behind walls.

    This method can't be bypassed by clients and blocks successfully all kind of wallhacks, cham skins, radars.

    How to use -:

    Place the following in your "server.cfg" set sv_antiwh "1"

    Usage - :

    This feature has different modes - which mode is best for your server will depend on its settings.

    "0" = off

    Turns the whole feature off

    "1" = on and running in mode 1 setup
    Summary of Mode 1 -: ANTIWH runs in Bone A-WH ON ** Razor please brief summary of mode 1

    "2" = on and running in mode 2 setup
    Summary of Mode 2 -: ANTIWH runs in Hitbox A-WH ON ** Razor please brief summary of mode 2

    "3" = on and running in mode 3 setup
    Summary of Mode 3 -: : ANTIWH runs in BonePredict A-WH ON ** Razor please brief summary of mode 3

    "4" = on and running in mode 4 setup
    Summary of Mode 4 -: New AntiWH mode, with frame throttle based on players ping.

    "5" = on and running in mode 5 setup
    Summary of Mode 5 -: New AntiWH mode, a testing one, to use it, change sv_antiwh CVar to 5. This mode introduces: better frame throttle, accuracy and position prediction. ***Note at present this mode is for testing and in some cases shows players invisible **

    In association with ANTIWH there are CVar's that can also be used to customize some settings of the above modes
    Example -:

    New CVar for all AntiWH modes, sv_antiwhskipping, which skips AntiWH checks for players above given ping. Default is 400.

    Please see Cvar's section


    Players getting kicked -:

    This is a very advanced feature and you will need to test the different modes with your server build, the results will be dependent on server setup - For example at present the best mode for a server running Freeze tag is mode 3, the reason for that is the other modes will display "monkey on back" problem - This is where a player when viewed in spec shows a player on above the player.

    As of 13/03/12 Mode 5 has only just been released and is for server testing only at this stage

    Server lag -:

    In our experience lag with this feature will occur but again this will be dependent on what and how your server is setup with mods and other features and which mode you have selected.

    Also how many players you have set as max on your server - An example is we have tested Mode 3 with Freezetag on stock maps to run with up to 20 players - but have also had reports of other servers running more and less.

    If you do experience lag and after testing you wish to turn this feature off do the following in the "" -:

    set sv_antiwh 0
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