set sv_stufftextdetection

What is set sv_stufftextdetection "1"

There is a server-side scripting command called stufftext. It was created for scripters to allow them to change client settings in server-sided mods. This way they could force player to make screenshots (Forced SS), force them to turn off ForceModels or force their CVars to good values (this way some cheats could be turned off with server-sided mod).

However a client can bypass this stufftext command so it no longer works on his client MoH:AA. This way he would remain safe from any Admin Mods like Foresight and be able to cheat etc.

Our StufftextBypassDetection feature checks if player have this stufftext command bypassed, by using special technique.

How to use -:

Place the following in your "server.cfg" set sv_stufftextdetection "1"

Usage - "1" = on "0" = off


Players getting kicked -:

Even some legit players can be kicked because they can have stufftext bypassed, even if they don't play with cheats like norecoil or wh. Sometimes they can be kicked by mistake when they join server and wait too long to join a team and select weapon.

In this case they can simply reconnect and this should happen again for them.

Server lag -:

In our experience its rare to see any server lag with this feature but again this will be dependent on what and how your server is setup with mods and other features. If you do experience lag and after testing you wish to turn this feature off do the following in the "" -:

set sv_stufftextdetection 0