• James

    This is the current serverside feature list:

    Bugs and Crash Fixes

    - lod_spawn crash fix
    - leave_team crash fix
    - _fps skin crash fix
    - dog, wuss, noclip, tele, give, fullheal, health, giveweapon - bad command fix
    - say command crash fix
    - remote crash fix (BufferOverflow/mohaabof & new one - infoboom)
    - mohaa fill flood/crash fix
    - RCon flood protection
    - granade crash fix
    - ladder crash fix
    - swap team crash fix
    - MG42 crouch fix
    - landsharking fix

    - Shoot through Black Windows/Furniture/Light Bulbs fix

    Serverside AntiCheat System

    - Anti WH:

    The anti-wallhack is a blocker that works server side, it doesn't disable wallhacks on the client but it makes them almost useless. All the integrated blockers are working server side. A wallhack (cham skins, radar) works because the server usually sends all player position information to the client regardless if a player is visible or not.
    This is what wallhacks are using to render players behind walls.
    Now the anti-wallhack technology used in the patch checks for every client if a player is visible or not and sends only information about truly visible players to the client (information about player behind walls isn't send) - information that the client doesn't have can't be used to render players behind walls.
    This method can't be bypassed by clients and blocks successfully all kind of wallhacks, cham skins, etc.

    - Anti NoRecoil

    When player is using a NoRecoil cheat, his weapon doesn't kick up when he fires it.
    This system is responsible for detecting NoRecoil cheats and emulating recoil serverside so if player is using this cheat, he will get recoil/kick added to his weapon by the server and he can't do anything about this.

    - Anti STWH

    STWH stands for Shoot Through Walls Hack. Our system detects player who is using this cheat, and when he tries to shoot through a wall, it blocks his bullet, making the cheat useless.

    Banning System

    - IP Banning

    Now you can ban player's IPs with simple command. It allows you to use wildcards to ban IP ranges. No more need of external applications for kicking people. This is a true ban functionality that forbids player from connecting to the server.

    - Name Banning

    This allows you to ban unpolite names from being used on your server.

    - Chat Filter

    You can use it to punish people who use to many unpolite, rude words and abuse your server this way.

    Admin System

    Now you won't need any external applications to manage your server with RCon. This system provides you with in-game RCon commands. You can create admin accounts with different permissions for trusted players. Once they have their own admin account, they can join the server and manage it via game console - the same way as this is done via RCon, but limited to their admin account permissions.

    New Voting System

    MoH:AA voting was never secure and almost never used. Thats why we have rewritten it. Now you can specify which commands players can use when voting and which maps they can vote for.
    When vote is casted, system will broadcast a graphical message to all players about current vote and other informations like: votes percentage, command that will be sent to server and after how much time the vote will expire.


    - IP Limiter

    You can set a max connections per IP limit. This way you can decide how many people from one IP can join your server.

    - High Ping Kicker

    You can turn on auto-kick option for players with ping higher than a value you set.

    - AutoUpdate Launcher/Engine

    This will make updating patch a lot easier for developers and users.

    and more...

    Welcome to MoH:AA 1.12 Reborn Project Site!

    We would like to welcome you to the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 1.12 Reborn Patch!

    The MoH Reborn Project has been initiated to revitalize the Medal of Honor:AA game. For this purpose an unofficial patch for the game has been developed, and is still in progress. This project is a follower of the MoH:AA Reloaded Patch project and an old xNULL Project which has been reborn.

    Why did you call it Reborn?

    Answer is simple - because we belive that this patch will bring a new life to the whole game, MoH community, and will give MoH:AA a second life so it will be reborn like a phoenix from ashes.

    This isn't another project that will never come out!

    Our crew and people who are working on the patch aren't directly connected to the Reloaded Project.
    Of course, there are some members that helped in it and who are helping in the current project, but we also have a lot of new, fresh people (server admins, players, modders etc.) contributing to the patch.

    We don't want to repeat old mistakes from previous projects.
    Thats why we call this project a community project, where everyone is invited to participate, bring their support and feedback or even join our Dev Team if they are knowledgeable enough.

    We have been working on the patch for over a year now, and released many alpha and beta versions of the patch for people willing to test it and submit bugs or glitches to our Dev Team.
    This is also a reason why we are still here and doing our job - without the help of other people we would have never come this far.

    Most of the Realoded files are lost, but some of them survived and are, or will be, used in our patch. Also we use great amount of source code from the old xNULL project, reversed game engine and various mods. Thats why we call ourselves followers of those old projects. We should thank all the people that were devoted to those projects, because otherwise, we would have to start from nothing.

    From players for players

    It's not like we are more important because we are writing the patch; no, we are the same as you are - MoH:AA players!
    In our opinion MoH:AA is the best game and part of MoH series. We think that it's a shame that EA never tried to really patch this game and fix bugs so we decided to take the game in our hands and make it better for us and for you, because we simply love it!
    What's more - we hope that our final product - 100% finished patch, will be in a wide use among the players and server owners.

    About the patch

    At the moment we are working on the serverside part of the patch. We want to add all the missing feautures that were unfinished or should be present in the game. This includes bugs, crash fixes and totally new feautures. What distinguishes our patch and project from old ones is that we don't want to create and provide players with new assets - this can be done later and released separately. What we focus on is bug fixing and implementing anticheat serverside features that will protect players from server abuses and unfair gameplay with cheaters.
    The most important thing is that we try to fix all known bugs and provide an anticheat system serverside. This means that the cheater, without direct and physical access to the server, can't bypass them.
    Of course, not everything can be done that way and some of the feautures need to be done clientside.

    The project is divided into a serverside patch and a clientside patch.
    Currently already available are beta versions of the serverside patch for Windows and Linux (yes! Linux too!) based servers.

    If you are MoH:AA/SH/BF/PA fan, modder, programmer, player, server admin, or just person interested in this project, then JOIN US and visit our Forum, because as we said - this is a community project where everyone is welcome!